TclDoc v 0.85

Changes in tclDoc v 0.85.
  1. new option --excludes to exclude files from processing. Allows glob-style patterns
  2. new option --prune to exclude directories from searching for sources
Changes in tclDoc v 0.84.
  1. fixes syntax bug when writing global links
  2. allow line wrapped {@link} tags
  3. allow line wrapped proc declarations are not recognized
  4. allow shortcut: create an external link when @see-Tag contains only an URL
  5. fixes output of wrong version number
  6. fixes double namespace operator when global procedure is defined "proc ::myglobal ..."
  7. fixes missing last word in summary of single sentence descriptions
  8. fixes crash (instead of error message) when line number not yet set
  9. fixes crash when no procs are exported (can't read "::EXPORTED_PROCS": no such variable)
  10. refactoring of sources, additional source files for procedures managing extracted data and procedures generating documentation files.
Changes in tclDoc v 0.83.
  1. fixing broken recursion while scanning directories for sources
  2. fixing bug in procedure names in the htmlized sources
  3. check for name conflicts of sourcefiles
Changes in tclDoc v 0.82.
  1. new commandline option --synonym to specify an additional keyword as a synonym for keyword proc
Changes in tclDoc v 0.81.
  1. fixed buggy Html of the Version-Tag
  2. fixed procedure calls with bad link refrences in the html-ized source and fixed missing procedure calls when using --no-xref Option
  3. treat an overview file like a tcl source if it has a name extension .tcldoc i. e. process special tcldoc tags and generate html
The changes for tclDoc v 0.8:
  1. new tag '@exception' (for procedures) to document exceptional returns
  2. can handle namespaces
  3. now generates HTML v4 and CSS v2 based Files
  4. including new command line options for
  5. introduced additional notation for the @see-Tag: you can use full qualified procedure names instead of specifying the filename.
  6. optional suppress proc call index by command line
  7. optional hide internal procecures which are not exported by their namespace

Read the documentation.

Download tcldoc v0.85

If you unpack the downloaded tar file you will find a subdirectory docs. This contains the tclDoc generated documentation of tclDoc itself.

If you want to make changes to the source code in some cases you will need the tool fickle - a parser generator written in tcl. Download fickle here:

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